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Liberty Ammunition CIVIL DEFENSE 380 Auto AMMO

Liberty Ammunition CIVIL DEFENSE 380 Auto AMMO

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380 Civil Defense

hallow point ammo

 50 Grain

1500 feet per speed

20 Lead Free Cartridges

This Liberty Ammunition 380 ACP 50 Grain Hollow Point is the ultimate choice for law enforcement and those who carry for self-defense due to the lethal impact they deliver. With this 380 ACP by Liberty Ammunition, you get reduced over-penetration combined with extra stopping power for guaranteed incapacitation with each shot that also provides the optimal level of penetration for taking down dangerous attackers.


WARNING: Ammunition sales are subject to federal, state, and local regulations. Before purchasing ammunition, ensure you are aware of and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Keep ammunition out of the reach of children and handle with caution. Improper use of ammunition may result in serious injury or death. Always follow safe handling practices and store ammunition in a cool, dry place. By purchasing ammunition, you acknowledge that you are legally eligible to do so and assume full responsibility for its use.
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